About Positive Recruitment

Hi, If you came here from the Home page or a Blog, you might already know that this is I, Ieva (<-- this links to my LinkedIn), behind the positive recruitment movement. I wear quite a few hats in the fashion industry, but not a single one in real life - I don't even have a hat. Besides working as a recruitment consultant, I also run a consultancy in London, Fashion Bloc, working with NGOs, SMEs and VCs in the areas of:





OK, enough about hats. What is Positive Fashion Jobs? In short, this is an experiment to match my values with professional skills, and a way of helping others in the fashion industry do precisely the same.

I met and worked with hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs across different regions - East Asia to Eastern Europe - and I am positive; the key to success is happy people and a long-term perspective. This is what sustainability means to me.

Here at Positive Fashion Jobs, we have a pretty straightforward result-oriented approach to recruitment, The only pre-requisite for both job seekers and employers - they have to be genuine in adding value and doing less evil to the planet. The rest is our responsibility.

We recruit across the field in fashion and beauty - from Head Office to Creative roles. We work across continents (Operations Manager for the Mykonos store launch? Brand Director for Cape Town-based surfwear brand? Not a problem!). Equally, we always try and match local talent and companies (sustainability in mind, remember?). Most importantly, after the matchmaking is done, I will stick around to make sure everything is working according to the plan, we're all in this together.

Please get in touch, and we can talk about how I can help you meet your perfect match.